How to Market Your Home to Get It Rented Quickly

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How Should I Market My Home to Get It Rented Quickly?

How to Market Your Home to Get It Rented Quickly

Want to rent your property quickly? Charge $200 per month for your 3,000 square-foot exquisite waterfront rental home. Extensive marketing won't be necessary. If you want to cover your mortgage, taxes, insurance, and make some profit, however, you should use all effective avenues to market your home rental. Long term vacancy can be financially damaging. Here are some tips.

  • Take flattering pictures of your rental home. Don't just take pictures – take pictures that show the best features of your house rental. If you visit one of the many websites that offer home rentals with pictures, you'll quickly see a graphic definition of “flattering” and the opposite. Even if you don't own a digital camera, an inexpensive disposable unit's prints can be digitized for use on the Internet.
  • Use the Internet to its fullest power. There are excellent websites, that can help you market your home rental to a wide audience of qualified tenants. Here is where you'll see the real value of the flattering pictures you took.
  • Carefully set your rental price to be within the market range. Perform a market analysis by examining what comparable home rentals cost in your immediate area. These properties are the direct competition for your rental house and the same people will probably look at these and yours. If speed is your primary concern, you might want to set your price at the lower end of the competitive range, if you can afford to do so. This slight discount might give you the edge you need to attract a good tenant quickly.
  • Don't be shy; get the word out. Let the world know you are renting your property. While the Internet may provide the best and widest exposure to your rental home, word of mouth and local advertising can still help. Sometimes your personal network of family and friends will tell their friends, who will then visit your website preview and may eventually go further.
Giving your rental house the widest exposure with flattering text and pictures, along with asking for a reasonable market rent, will help you rent your property quickly.



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