Possible Results If a Landlord or a Tenant "Breaks" a Lease

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What Can Happen If a Landlord or a Tenant Breaks a Lease?

Possible Results If a Landlord or a Tenant "Breaks" a Lease

Many things can happen if landlords or tenants break material terms of leases on rental apartments. Most would agree that the majority of the “things” that could happen are unacceptable for one or both parties. If one of the parties is accused of breaking the terms of a lease, the importance of a clear, concise, and complete agreement will be evident to both parties rather quickly and emphatically.

The potential activities and/or remedies typically depend on which party has violated the lease agreement terms. If the tenant has performed actions that may have violated the tenant lease terms, the landlord may have the legal authority to be awarded reparations (damages) or eviction of the renter. Should the landlord have allegedly broken the promises of the lease, the tenant may have the legal ability to have the court mandate correction of the problem or receive monetary awards from the landlord.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, understand the complete list of terms to which you agreed when signing the lease agreement. Many potential problems with leases on rental apartments can be avoided if both parties fully understand the contents of their contract.

The end result of a violated residential lease agreement invariably involves time and money, at the least. The results of this situation typically terminate in a lose/lose situation. No one wins. The loss of time and money, normally by both parties, usually outweighs any anticipated monetary gain. Often, only the attorneys involved in litigation make money, while the tenant and landlord live through an unpleasant situation.



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