Use of Condominium Amenities

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There is a gym in my condo rental unit. Am I allowed to use it?

Use of Condominium Amenities

There are many perks to living in a condo community. Many condominium complexes offer great amenities on location such as use of pool, gym, tennis courts, and community center. If you are considering renting a condo unit, ask if any amenities are included and make sure to have them included in the lease. It is a nice treat to have access to additional services in your own complex and this can also save you some money.
Be sure to ask the owner/landlord the specific about extra amenities and the rules and restrictions with them including laundry facilities, gym memberships or tennis court fees. You will also want to find out if any special passes are required to access the services and find out the visitors policy, so you will know if you can invite friends.



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