Features to Look for from Free Rental Listings

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What features should be included with free rental listings?

Features to Look for from Free Rental Listings

Although there are numerous rental agencies that feature townhouse rentals, apartments, vacation properties, lofts and houses now offering an online rental search and free rental listings, it is still important to compare the features that are included with the free rental listings to ensure that you have picked the right rental agency for listing your properties. While some free rental listings include certain features, other sites charge for the same features, such as featured listing or bold listing status as well as unlimited listings.

Features of free rental listings should at least include customer support and contact, optimized listings for effective search engine inclusion, no contract requirements, links to company website, printable fliers, user-friendly online ad management with real-time updates, a visually appealing and professional format, property location map, the ability to add a company logo, and dedicated website address for each listing, the ability for a prospective tenant or site visitor to email a listing page, and access to interested tenants.



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