How to Learn If You Can Sublease Los Angeles Apartments for Rent

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How Can I Learn If I Can Sublease When I Evaluate Los Angeles Apartments for Rent?

How to Learn If You Can Sublease Los Angeles Apartments for Rent

Subleasing your Los Angeles home rental may or may not be permitted. While of no importance for some, should you believe there may be a necessity to sub-let in the future, you should try to activate this possibility before you choose one of the many Los Angeles apartments for rent.

First, be sure you understand what a sublease is and is not. If you have permission, you may, when needed, rent your home to another tenant. You become a sub-lessor and your new tenant is now a sub-lessee. It is not a new lease, however. Nor is your tenant responsible to the landlord for monthly rent payments. The original lease, sometimes called a master lease after you activate a sublease clause, still defines the rental, payment dates, and all other terms until the original lease ends.

Should you believe you may want or need to sublease, make it known when you search for Los Angeles apartments for rent. This provides potential landlords with the opportunity to agree with or disapprove your request to include this provision in your lease. There is no standard response to this question. Many landlords have no objection to including a sublease paragraph with fairly liberal terms. Others, however, sometimes don't want to be involved with other tenants, whom they have not screened, occupying their Los Angeles home rentals. It is as much personal taste and preference, as it is a legal or business issue.

If your current rental agreement does not specifically allow you to sublease, talk with your landlord to about it. He/she may be agreeable to adding a document that permits you to sublease. Should you encounter difficulty in fulfilling the terms of your lease, sub-letting your residence might work for you.



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