Working Utilities, Heating, And Plumbing

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What are my tenant rights?

Working Utilities, Heating, And Plumbing

As a tenant, you have the right to properly working utilities such as plumbing and heating (both hot and cold running water). If there are any problems or concerns with plumbing and/or heating, you should contact your landlord and repairs should be made as soon as possible. If your landlord refuses repairs or does not make repairs in a timely manner, you should contact a legal advisor and take legal actions to have the repairs done. Working utilities, heating, and plumbing are in your tenant™s rights and you should expect to have them.



8/17/2007 8:57:48 AM
amy and gary scott said:

we have asked our landlord to fix the pluming in the bathroom for several yrs now ,nothing has been done to date.we also have asked for new windows for when the wind blows the curtins blow out this has been a on going problem for yrs.what can we do to fix this problem. the roof is falling in to and the house leaks every where.


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