Key Rental House Questions

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What should I ask about a rental house?

Key Rental House Questions

Those searching for rental homes can get frustrated or feel panicked and end up taking the first one they see, leading to further problems. When renting a house, it is important to clarify rental terms and get specific answers about the house and the owner. Before you accept a rental house and sign a lease, there are a number of questions to ask to ensure that this is the right decision to make. This is especially true with so many scams now affecting the rental house market.

One question to be sure to ask the owner is if they are current on their mortgage since many houses for rent are now going into foreclosure, leaving the tenant without a place to live. If the ad does not state anything about pets, ask about their pet policy before arranging an appointment to avoid disappointment. During the walk-through, ask about recent improvements to ensure that the rental house is not a "lemon” and inquire about the maintenance policy. Ask the landlord if they can provide a checklist that verifies everything is in working order. Be sure to also get answers about neighborhood safety and how to reach the landlord.



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