A House Rental for Every Corporate Housing Need

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What types of corporate housing is available?

A House Rental for Every Corporate Housing Need

When employees are put on a short-term assignment or need to be temporarily relocated while they await their permanent housing, companies must rely on temporary housing options that they supply for these workers. They cannot rely on a traditional house rental due to the long lease requirements. However, the temporary housing must also be more cost-effective than hotel room prices.

Instead of a house rental option, corporations tend to seek corporate housing that is comfortable and can be leased on a short-term basis. A number of choices for comfortable corporate rentals are available, including furnished housing, extended stay hotel-style suites, and apartment units.

Companies like RealRentals.com understand that there is no one house rental that works for every staff member. That's why, as a one-stop shop, they have done the house rental homework for companies to match you and your staff up with the best temporary housing available, whether that means a cozy condominium, hip loft, or spacious house if your staff member has a family and pets.



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