Some Things to Know About Home Inspections and House Rentals

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What Should I Know About a Home Inspection If I’m Considering House Rentals?

Some Things to Know About Home Inspections and House Rentals

A good home inspection reveals all there is to know about a home. When you purchase a house using a mortgage, a home inspection is almost always required. If you're looking for house rentals, however, a home inspection is rarely completed. However, your landlord may have had a recent one performed, so ask to see documentation. The landlord will advise you whether he/she has one or not.

Should a home inspection be available, here are some things you should look for:

  1. Heating system condition. If you're paying for the oil, gas, or electricity used to heat your new rental home, you hope the heating system is efficient. Your landlord may not be quite as "passionate" about the system as long as it works.
  2. Water. Is the new residence going to be dry in all areas? Houses can have a variety of water issues that often appear to be a mystery. House rentals with basements can be troublesome if it's to be your storage area and also encourages dampness. Hopefully, your new rental home is toasty and dry.
  3. Interior plumbing. While it is your landlord's responsibility to maintain indoor plumbing in good working order, you really don't want to be forced to deal with problems of which both parties are already aware. Great fun is not defined by showers or laundry room faucets that don't work and spread water around your rental home.
  4. Electrical systems and wiring. Although not a tenant's responsibility to maintain electrical systems in safe and working condition, you will feel much more comfortable if you know that when you flip a switch or plug something into an outlet, something positive happens. It's also comforting to be confident that there is no known faulty wiring that could be the cause of a fire.
Home inspection reports cover literally every component involved in a house. Even the slightest deficiencies are noted by a good property inspector. If your new landlord has a recent home inspection, he/she should be agreeable to allow you to look at it, particularly if it's a favorable one.



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