Miami Home Rentals as Year Round Leases Versus as Vacation Rentals

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Will I Have a More Difficult Time Entering My Property in Miami Home Rentals as a Year Round Lease Versus as a Vacation Rental?

Miami Home Rentals as Year Round Leases Versus as Vacation Rentals

Deciding to rent your property as a year round home/apartment or as a vacation rental can sometimes appear confusing. We all want to make the “right” decision and enjoy the results. In this case, there often is no perfect decision.

You can enjoy success and profit from both methods. You probably understand the many similarities, so concentrating more on the differences might help you make the right decision. Consider the following factors and, possibly, your decision will become apparent.

  • If you analyze available Miami apartments for rent and Miami home rentals, separate the properties into two categories: year round and vacation rentals. Ask yourself, “How does my property ‘fit' with either category?” Does your property appear to mirror apartments or homes for rent in Miami better as a year round or vacation rental?
  • Conduct a market analysis of the rents being asked for comparable properties, both year round and vacation properties. Does your rental home seem to more closely align with a monthly lease amount or weekly rentals? Is there no real difference?
  • Decide how “active” you believe you want to be. Remember, while it's attractive to mentally enjoy the excellent income you'll receive if you offer your property as a vacation rental, you must realize you'll have to be much more active in marketing your property, use many more written agreements, and accept the risk of some vacancy. If you'd rather perfect your couch potato skills, you'll be better suited to offer your home as a year round property, finding a good tenant for a year or longer, signing one agreement, and then putting your feet up.
Either choice can generate income and profit. Your choice depends on the location, condition, and design of your property as well as your personal preference to be more active or passive as a successful landlord.



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