Completing The Rental Application

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Should I exaggerate on my rental application?

Completing The Rental Application

You will usually have to fill out a rental application to be considered for the rental home. The rental agreement helps the potential landlord or agency get to know you and collect contact information on you and your references. Make sure you answer the application truthfully and be honest with accurate information.

The application usually includes all the tenant's particulars needed to check credit, income and references. It will ask questions about the names of tenants, number of occupants, pets (if any), address of unit, occupancy date, amount of rent, when rent begins and when rent is due to the landlord. A tenant who violates any of these conditions can be evicted. Be sure you sign the application stating all the information is correct. The rental application is “Subject to Landlord Approval” and is not a legally binding document. It is important to thoroughly fill out the rental application and get it back to the landlord or rental agency promptly to be considered an interested responsible potential.



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