Sacramento and Los Angeles Rental Markets

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What is the rental market like on the West Coast?

Sacramento and Los Angeles Rental Markets

The West Coast offers a number of excellent places to live—from Los Angeles, the hub of Southern California, to Sacramento, the state's historic capital. Within each area, there are drastically different average rents with Los Angeles homes for rent or L.A. apartments, commanding nearly double that of Sacramento houses for rent. While Los Angeles apartments offer location and accessibility, the price paid for that can make the area one of the most expensive markets for West Coast houses for rent, West Coast apartments for rent, or West Coast condo rentals.

In contrast, Sacramento homes for rent offer affordability in a smaller, tightly-knit area of communities that consists of bungalow and historic Victorian-style dwellings. A wide variety of Sacramento houses for rent are offered on convenient online directory listings along with Los Angeles homes for rent for those who are considering a move to the West Coast but are unsure what rental markets will provide the best deals, greatest job opportunities, and amenities to make their new life as satisfying as possible.



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