Some Tenant Rights You Should Know as a First Time Renter

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I’m Beginning My First Apartment Search. What Are Some of My Rights as a First Time Renter?

Some Tenant Rights You Should Know as a First Time Renter

First time renters should become aware of their rights as well as responsibilities before finishing their apartment search. After considering apartments, homes, and townhouses for rent, you'll find the right one for you. Equally important is getting the right terms for your new rental home. Knowing your rights help you negotiate a good deal for both parties. Consider the following. You have a right to have:

  • A safe, clean, and healthy home. Decent sanitary conditions are important and you have the right to expect to receive a clean environment.
  • Reasonable privacy. While your landlord does have the right to gain access to your rental home when needed, you have the right to expect appropriate notice. If you live in a multi-unit building, you have the right to enjoy peace and quiet to enjoy your home.
  • Written receipts or other evidence of payments made by you (security or other deposits, monthly rent, etc.). A landlord that has a problem with providing such verification may signal other problems in the future. But, don't worry; most landlords understand the need for written receipts.
  • Have repairs completed in a timely fashion after you provide written notification to your landlord. Once again, most professional landlords are aware of their responsibility to make repairs as soon as possible after notification.
First time renters who become knowledgeable of their rights and responsibilities typically have a much more successful relationship with their rental home and their landlord. If you want to occupy your new rental home for the long term, your landlord will also appreciate you being knowledgeable of your rights and duties, too.



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