Here Are Some Tenant Responsibilities After You've Leased a Rental Home

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After Leasing a Rental Home, What Are My Responsibilities as a Tenant?

Here Are Some Tenant Responsibilities After You've Leased a Rental Home

There always appears to be more focus on a landlord's duties, but tenants also have responsibilities that should be fulfilled. Most of the important agreements you make as a tenant are simple and logical. Here are some primary responsibilities you have if you've completed your townhouses for rent search and are about to sign a lease.

  • Pay your full rent on time. If there is ever an unforeseen problem with this, notify your landlord immediately after you realize one exists.
  • Take good care of the property. You spent time and money conducting an exhaustive apartment search. Now that you've found the perfect residence after looking at numerous homes for rent, give the property – and yourself – the respect that is deserved. Maintain your residence in good condition.
  • Inform your landlord of any required repairs (normally in writing) so problems can be solved in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain noise at a reasonable level. Having 2,000 of your closest personal friends over for a wild two-day weekend party may be inappropriate in your rental home.
  • Follow the terms of your lease agreement and provide your landlord with as much notice as possible when you decide to move. If you decide to move to a new residence four months before your lease expires, don't wait until two weeks before the move to advise your landlord. Property owners should have as much time as possible to locate another good tenant.
There may be other responsibilities or agreements specifically noted in your lease document (water the lawn, paint the dining room, etc.) that you and your landlord have negotiated. Fulfill all of your appropriate responsibilities.



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