Some Items You Should Have on a Checklist When Evaluating Townhouses for Rent

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What Are Some Items I Should Have on a Checklist When I Evaluate Townhouses for Rent?

Some Items You Should Have on a Checklist When Evaluating Townhouses for Rent

While prospective home buyers often create elaborate sets of questions during their search, many renters tend to underestimate the importance of having a checklist when they evaluate homes, apartments, or townhouses for rent. But, if you're going to live in a rental home as your primary residence, you should have a meaningful checklist of items, too. Here are some suggestions for your considerations when evaluating apartments and homes for rent.

  • Does the exterior of the property appear to be in good condition? In addition to your desire to have a home that reflects your good taste, the exterior condition may reflect how good the interior truly is.
  • Does the interior generally look fresh, clean, and in good condition? Much like your exterior evaluation, a well maintained or recently refreshed interior may (no guarantees, of course) reflect the landlord's attention to plumbing, heating, electrical, and air conditioning systems.
  • Are there any seemingly obvious repairs that need to be made now? This could be a minor -- or sometimes important -- issue. Is this a problem that you both (landlord and tenant) just realized? Or is it a reflection on what you might expect when repairs are necessary in the future? Will repairs be completed in a reasonable time? Will they be done professionally?
  • Is the kitchen properly equipped? In many ways, the kitchen is the most important room in your rental home. Is it equipped with good quality appliances? Are there sufficient cupboards and is the counter space large enough to cook effectively?
  • Does the home feel like it's properly heated or cooled? Your comfort is of prime importance. If you're paying for heat or cooling, try to feel for drafts as these could cost you money.
You could start with these suggestions and add other items to your renter's checklist before you conduct your apartment search. You'll be prepared to make a physical visit and have a guideline and/or a source of questions for the real estate broker or landlord.



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