Tenant's Right For Repairs

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Who is responsible for making repairs?

Tenant's Right For Repairs

At the time, the tenant moves in and the lease begins, the landlord must provide the tenant with the name, address, and phone number of who to contact with concerns and rental problems.

The landlord is responsible for making any repairs that are needed to comply with the local housing codes for the rentals area and to keep the rental safe. If the landlord refuses to make major repairs to the rental that are needed, you may report the defects and need for repairs to the local building or health inspector. The landlord may not retaliate by evicting you if you report them for un-repaired safety violations.

Unless otherwise agreed and written in the lease, tenants are usually responsible for routine minor repairs in the rental. Tenants are also required to comply with any maintenance and sanitation requirements by local housing codes. Tenants are also financially responsible for any damages that they or their guests cause at the termination of the lease.



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